About Rich Woodson

I traded painting for photography in 2005 after my cat pounced on my palette and ran through my apartment spreading turquoise oil paint everywhere. It was a turning point of sorts and years in the making. Before that I'd always been under the impression that photography was easy. Or rather, that it was easier than painting. And it is. But it's still challenging and that's one thing I love about it. That and its ability to shepherd me into contact with so many interesting and vital people. Truly. 

How about some Questions?

What is you definition of creative? Actively perceiving and judiciously acting upon the enormous array of options one comes across at any given moment in life, in art, in lucid dreams...

What inspires you? The desire for excellence balanced with the fear of failure.  

What are 3 things you could never live without? Consideration for my surroundings whether they be mammalian, acoustical or climatic, my wit, and my ability to reflect. 

If you could invite 3 people living or dead to dinner who would they be? Samuel Beckett, Wallace Shawn and Jane Bowles. 

What 3 things that you use in everyday life should be designed better? The M T A !!!